Professor David Nicholas — Director, CIBER Research Ltd.

David Nicholas is one of the original CIBER founders. His interests include use and seeking behaviour in virtual spaces, the digital consumer, the virtual scholar, mobile information (information on-the-go), e-books, e-journal usage; the evaluation of digital platforms and user needs analysis.

Professor Nicholas was Director of the Department of Information Studies at University College London (2004–2011) and prior to that Head of the Department of Information Science at City University 1997–2003. David has been principal investigator on 60 research projects worth more than £4M and published more than 500 peer evaluated papers and 12 books.

David is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Tennessee and Professor at Tomsk State University, Siberia.

Dr David Clark — Director, CIBER Research Ltd.

David Clark has over forty years experience of publishing and related industries as a data processor, information manager and analyst. His PhD, from the University of Warwick, concerns the history and establishment of computing as a distinct academic discipline.

Anthony Watkinson — Principal Consultant

Anthony Watkinson has been a researcher in ecclesiastical history and a scholarly librarian but spent most of his career in scholarly publishing working for both not-for-profit and commercial publishers. He was visiting professor in the department of information sciences at City University for six years and during this time was one of the founders of CIBER.

Most of his publications have been with CIBER but he has also written on Open Access, Monograph Publishing, and Authenticity particularly in relation to Archiving and Preservation of digital content. He is currently a part-time senior lecturer at at University College London and also a director and plenary chair of the Charleston Conference, organises and chairs the annual Bloomsbury Conference, and runs training courses and seminars for the International Association of Science, Technical and Medical Publishers. Anthony has undertaken consultancy work for a number of organisations including JISC, the Cochrane Collaboration, and other learned societies. He has for over a decade been a consultant to the (UK) Publishers Association. His interests are in scholarly communication including, currently and in particular, open access, data, social media and outreach

Dr Eti Herman — Principal Consultant

Eti Herman spent most of her working life at the University of Haifa, Israel, as Head of Reader Services and Head of Administration, as well as Acting Vice-Director of the Library (1980-1994), Academic Secretary (1995-2000), and faculty member in the Information and Library Studies Programme (2001-2010). She is also Head of the Editorial Board of Meidaat, the only Israeli journal of information science and librarianship.

Her main areas of research interest are information needs and information behaviour in the digital era, particularly of academics, with a current focus on quality assurance, trust and authority in scholarly communications. She is joint editor of the four-volume Information Science in Routledge's Critical Concepts in Media and Cultural Studies Series.

John Akeroyd — Senior Consultant

John Akeroyd is a library and information specialist with over 40 years experience. He was a University Librarian and Director of Learning and Information responsible for libraries, e-learning, document systems and archiving. He was Director of LITC, a research and evaluation centre for library technology and of the Distance learning Centre a publishing and education service. He has inaugurated and managed multiple projects in Europe, including self-funding businesses.

As a consultant, researcher and programme manager his clients have included the NHS, central and local government, and libraries. Recent contracts have included an options appraisal for a dual use library and associated systems for the City of London and advising Dept. of Health on e-records. He an Honorary Research Fellow at University College London where he organises and chairs the annual London Ebooks meeting. Current research interests include discovery systems and discoverability. He has authored over 100 papers and speaks regularly at international meetings.

Nick Canty — Senior Consultant

Nick Canty has worked for 15 years in academic and professional publishing and held posts at Pearson, The Thomson Corporation, and an engineering and technology professional association before entering academia in 2010. Since then he has been a lecturer in publishing at UCL and was a co-investigator on the AHRC funded and British Library sponsored project Academic Book of the Future. His main research interest is social media use in the publishing industry.

Dr Clare Thornley — Senior Consultant

Clare Thornley has national level experience of information and policy work within the UK voluntary sector as well as extensive academic, teaching and research experience. She was principal investigator on a recent Science Foundation Ireland funded project examining the scholarly impact and technological innovations arising from international video retrieval benchmarking research (TRECVid).

Currently she is a team member with the University of Strathclyde, the University of Canberra and the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics in Australia examining the new ethical issues in policy and practice that emerging technologies are bringing to information science. She has published widely in high impact information science journals including the Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, the Journal of Documentation, the Journal of Information Science and the International Journal of Information Management. Clare has a MA in Mental Philosophy, a MSc in Information Management and a PhD in Information Retrieval.

Dr Dimitrios Xanthidis — Senior Consultant

Dimitrios Xanthidis is an information systems scientist with 20 years experience of education in the field: database management, web development, systems analysis and design, object-oriented programming. His research interests are eSociety, eHealth, eCommerce, Big Data Analytics and Cloud computing. He headed two State University of New York, Thessaloniki, Greece campus for 5 years; DEI College department of computing in collaboration with the University of Central Lancashire for 5 years; with frequent presentations in IEEE and similar conferences, ABET Coordinator of Management Information Systems and member of several scientific committees of the universities.

Prof. Abrizah Abdullah — Senior Academic Associate

Abrizah Abdullah is Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology, University of Malaya. Actively involved in teaching, supervision and services, she researches information behavior, scholarly communication, bibliometrics, and digital libraries. She has published more than 70 journal articles and speaks regularly at international meetings. She is the editor-in-chief of Malaysian Journal of Library & Information Science and a research fellow at the Malaysian Citation Centre, Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia. Her PhD, from the University of Malaya concerns elicitation of users need in architecting a collaborative digital library and demonstrating how Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture is used as an analytical tool for modelling and building digital libraries.

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